Lots of things happening - Newsletter October

Hi! October was an eventful month for EA Sweden. We had our Annual General Meeting, appointed a new board, attended EAG London, career club, Jacy Reece-talk, lecture at Stockholm School of Economics, lots of events and started up several local/student groups around the country!


Things you can do right now

  • If you’re interested in helping out EAS and our projects, find the current opportunities here, or contact Gabriella (gabriella@effektivaltruism.org)!

  • If you’re interested in volunteering with us for organizing an EA conference in Stockholm this spring, contact Denise Ferreras.

  • Put the following events in your calendar:

  • In-depth discussion: Deworming - does it work as well as we think? Thursday 22/11 18.30 at Norrsken. See the facebook-page for info.

  • How to talk to people about EA” with psychologist and EA KI-leader Oskar Flygare. Thursday 29/11 18.00 at Neurora.

  • Attend EA Work Parties! Every other Saturday a group of EAs meet at Neurora to get stuff done. We work on EAS projects or our own EA stuff. Keep an eye out on the facebook-page for information on the next one.



Annual General Meeting: highlights

We had a full AGM-weekend with dinners, a halloween party and a CFAR-inspired workshop. 27 members participated in the meeting and made the following decisions:

  • Adopted the CEA Guiding Principles of Effective Altruism to guide the swedish EA-community, see below for more information

  • Adopted a new board - see below for introductions

  • Adopted goals and a new strategy for growing and improving the community the coming year

  • Assigned the board with investigating the potential of an Advisory Board


Guiding Principles of Effective Altruism

EA Sweden will continue to grow and act with the following principles as the cornerstones of our culture. To see which other organizations also have adopted the principles, see here.

Commitment to Others:

We take the well-being of others very seriously, and are willing to take significant personal action in order to benefit others. What this entails can vary from person to person, and it's ultimately up to individuals to figure out what significant personal action looks like for them. In each case, however, the most essential commitment of effective altruism is to actively try to make the world a better place.

Scientific Mindset:

We strive to base our actions on the best available evidence and reasoning about how the world works. We recognize how difficult it is to know how to do the most good, and therefore try to avoid overconfidence, to seek out informed critiques of our own views, to be open to unusual ideas, and to take alternative points of view seriously.


We are a community united by our commitment to these principles, not to a specific cause. Our goal is to do as much good as we can, and we evaluate ways to do that without committing ourselves at the outset to any particular cause. We are open to focusing our efforts on any group of beneficiaries, and to using any reasonable methods to help them. If good arguments or evidence show that our current plans are not the best way of helping, we will change our beliefs and actions.


Because we believe that trust, cooperation, and accurate information are essential to doing good, we strive to be honest and trustworthy. More broadly, we strive to follow those rules of good conduct that allow communities (and the people within them) to thrive. We also value the reputation of effective altruism, and recognize that our actions reflect on it. 

Collaborative Spirit:

We affirm a commitment to building a friendly, open, and welcoming environment in which many different approaches can flourish, and in which a wide range of perspectives can be evaluated on their merits. In order to encourage cooperation and collaboration between people with widely varying circumstances and ways of thinking, we resolve to treat people of different world views, values, backgrounds, and identities kindly and respectfully.



The new board!

We are really excited about our new board. Each person brings a lot of experience and insight to the executive decision-making of EA Sweden. The first board meeting took place on November 1st, and the work has already begun to grow and improve the organization further! We have an exciting year ahead, focusing on our members and creating projects with positive impact.


Carin Ism

Carin, faculty of Singularity University Nordic branch and director of the Bitnation Future Governance Expedition, has been an effective altruist for many years and was one of the founding members of EA Sweden. Carin was the chair of the EA Sweden board 2017-2018, and previous director of the Global Challenges Foundation.

Vilhelm Skoglund

Ville is co-founder and CEO of the integration-focused charity Nema Problema Foundation. He has previous experience working in and founding charities in Sweden and South America.

Samuel Härgestam

Samuel is an entrepreneur and co-founder of EnginZyme, a company exploring a sustainable alternative to traditional chemical industry practices. He has been an effective altruist for many years and part of the Swedish Founders Pledge network.

Annica Johansson

Annica is Head of Impact at Reach for Change, a non-profit supporting social entrepreneurs globally. She was previously the Global Impact manager and has also worked as a social impact consultant as well as a management consultant.

Kristian Rönn

Kristian has a background working for Giving What We Can and Future of Humanity Institute. He currently runs his own social impact start-ups, Normative and Prism.

Simon Eckerström Liedholm

Simon is a 4th year PhD-student in zoology at Stockholm University and volunteers as a speaker for EA Sweden and EAA. Simon also works with EA Sweden’s impact measurement and manages our membership data.



EA Global and post-EAG event

A group of roughly 17 swedes attended EAG London the last weekend of october. This was a great way of keeping up to date with EA-developments as well as building a wider EA-network.

In order to bring discussions and learning back home EA Sweden hosted a post-EAG event where Erik Engelhardt and some other EAG-attendees shared their updates and notes. Contact Erik for more information and notes from the conference. The filmed sessions should be posted on youtube in the coming month.  


Student groups

Since the founding of EA Sweden in 2016, there have been 3 main local groups in active in Sweden: EA KTH, EA SU (Stockholm University), EA SSE (Stockholm School of Economics). This year, 5 new (including EA Umeå rebuilding) local/student groups are starting up! This is really exciting.

EA Sweden hosted a Group Organizer Retreat in October to provide support, training and networking opportunities for the new group leaders.

The new local/student groups are the following:

  • EA Uppsala

  • EA Umeå (initially founded in 2016)

  • EA Linköping

  • EA Göteborg

  • EA KI

If you’re interested in joining one of these groups, have a look at facebook or get in touch with Gabriella (gabriella@effektivaltruism.org). If you’re interested in setting up a group at your university/local city please get in touch, EAS happily provides support!


RFG - Representation for Future Generations

EA Sweden’s Projekt Framtid group is working on establishing a cross-party political network for future generations, to provide a forum for discussion on neglected issues concerning future generations. The group is currently meeting politicians to set up the network, as well as establishing a network of supporting organizations. Denise Ferreras and Signe Savén are applying for funding to work part-time on the project.

For more information on the project, see the website.


Want to get more involved?

  • Want to help plan an Nordic EAG-like conference in Stockholm? Please contact Denise Ferreras or Gabriella.

  • Join our work parties. Every Saturday afternoon, we host EA work parties where we work together on effective altruism-related projects. The next one is Saturday 22nd. If you want to join, shoot Markus or Gabriella a message.

  • Wanna do something hands-on related to effective altruism? There’s tons of things you could help EA Sweden with (here’s a list)! Send an e-mail to gabriella@effektivaltruism.org to find out about current opportunities or schedule a meeting.


Some reading/listening tips



Job tips

  • Norrsken Foundation is looking for several roles: CFO, Investment Manager, Events Manager

  • Remote positions at high-impact organisations:

    • Good Food Institute is looking for individuals for fill a number of positions (link)

    • Internships at Charity Entrepreneurship (link)

    • BERI is accepting applications for various remote roles, especially web designers, web developers and software engineers (link)


If any of those seem exciting, don’t hesitate shooting an e-mail to us. We’d be happy to help with different stages of your application!


In general, to find out who is recruiting when and where, we suggest you have a look at the facebook page Effective Altruism Job Postings or keep an eye on the 80,000Hours Job Board. In the new version of the 80,000Hours job board, you can filter by location, cause area and role type.


If you want more news about effective altruism in your mailbox, we recommend that you also subscribe to the EA newsletter from the Centre for Effective Altruism.


Best regards,

The EA Sweden team