What we've been up to - Newsletter August 2018

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2018 has been a productive and exciting year for EA Sweden so far, and we’re very excited to see what’s gonna happen going forward. In particular, we’re very excited to have our Head of Community join EA Sweden full-time in September (name and details below)! In this newsletter, we’ll give you some info about what we’ve been up to over 2018 so far, what we’re planning to get up to going forward and give you a few tips.


Things you can do right now

  • Apply to join our fall Careers Clubs (here, by 7 September) or reading groups (here, by 31 August)
  • Apply to join EA Global London 27-29 October (here)

  • Let us know if you want to help out EA Sweden in some way, e.g. by organising a local group, organizing events, joining the EA Sweden board or doing some research. Send an e-mail to markus@effektivaltruism.org! You can find a list of things you could help out with here.


2018 so far


Community building

EA Sweden has organized several recurring events, such as EA fikas, introductions to effective altruism, a book club, in-depth discussion groups, and a series of career workshops. Most recently, we organised our first Retreat, where 27 people spent a weekend in the archipelago outside Norrköping, participating in workshops and helping each other figure out how to and support each other in doing the most good.


Our first (hopefully annual) Summer Retreat!

A sub-group of EA Sweden, Effective Animal Altruism Stockholm, was formed about half a year ago, and has organized many workshops and seminars since. Check out their Facebook page if you are interested, upcoming events will be posted there.


Projekt Framtid

One of the big projects that EA Sweden initiated in April this year, is Projekt Framtid (more info on the project’s website). The goal of the project is to safeguard the interests of future generations, e.g. by supporting the formation of a cross-political network or commission, with the task of promoting the interests of future generations (see our full reasoning here on the EA Forum). Most recently, EA Sweden attended the Politician's Week in Almedalen and organized a seminar entitled ”Två minuter till midnatt - för en mer långsiktig politik”. We also published our recommendations with a number of other stakeholders in DN Debatt this Summer (read here).


Coming up during 2018

For the most part, we will continue to follow the strategy outlined in our post on the EA Forum in February. This means we will focus on building a community of people with a lot of dedication, knowledge and capability to act on the principles of effective altruism and improve the world as much as possible.  

Fall events

We have loads of exciting events coming up during the fall, averaging about two events per week. These will range from introductory events and meet-ups to more in-depth workshops and discussions. Most of the events will take place in Stockholm, but local groups around the country will also be putting on events. To keep up to date, like our Facebook page or check out our website.  

Some particular events to highlight:

  • Careers Club: The Careers Club is back this term! Thinking about your next career move? This is a 4-workshop series where you join a group of people all thinking about how they can maximise their impact in their careers. Apply to join here, before 9 September.

  • Book clubs: This fall, we’ll run two book clubs: Doing Good Better and Factfulness. Apply to join here before 31 August.

  • Fika: This is an opportunity to meet others interested in effective altruism. They will continue to be run once a month.

  • In-depth discussions: Every two weeks, we’ll run discussion groups focused on a particular topic and a few readings. It’s a great way to engage more deeply with the ideas of effective altruism, looking at questions like: Is it better to give now or later? What are the most pressing global problems? How should effective altruists take moral uncertainty into account? Can we do things to improve the long-run future of humanity?

  • Work sessions: We’ll host work sessions every few weeks where you can work alongside others interested in effective altruism. You can work on your side project, do something for EA Sweden or just study.

Projekt Framtid

Over the fall, we will focus primarily on figuring out how to get our recommendations implemented. We will be doing things like organising seminars, meeting with politicians and getting other important stakeholders excited about our recommendations.


Supporting local groups

There are more and more local groups of effective altruists around Sweden: e.g. Gothenburg, Lund, Linköping. We’re planning on giving these groups more support going forward, for example by organising a weekend for effective altruism group leaders during the fall.


We’re growing!

In April, we received a grant from the Centre for Effective Altruism to employ a Head of Community. After far more applications than we expected and several rounds of interviewing, Gabriella Overödder will be joining the team in September. We’re very much looking forward to it!

 Another important thing to keep in mind is that our next Annual General Meeting is coming up. Now is a good time to think about how you can contribute to Effective Altruism Sweden going forward, e.g. by being a part of our board. If you’re thinking about this, feel free to contact Vera Wellander Lindén in “valberedningen”.


Want to get more involved?

EA Global
Come to Effective Altruism Global in London October 26-28. Half the tickets have already been sold! Apply for a ticket here. It’s the go-to place to get to know the global community better. If you’re planning on going, feel free to stay with a group of other Scandinavians. 925 SEK for 3 nights! Apply here.


Apply to join our careers club and book clubs
The Careers Club applications close 9 September and the book club applications close on 31 August. Go ahead, applying will only take a few minutes!


Help EA Sweden
Wanna do something hands-on related to effective altruism? There’s tons of things you could help EA Sweden with (here’s a list)! Send an e-mail to markus@effektivaltruism.org to find out about current opportunities.


Some reading/listening tips

  • Here is another really good post on the EA forum on how to avoid value drift (i.e. the process of living less in accordance with your values over time).

  • If you don’t get around to reading Nick Bostrom’s book Superintelligence, then you should consider listening to this episode of the podcast Partially Examined Life, where he is being interviewed about the book.


Job vacancies

There are currently loads of interesting job opportunities at some of the best-run organisations working on some of the world’s most pressing problems. Here’s just a few:

 If any of those seem exciting, don’t hesitate shooting an e-mail to us. We’d be happy to help!

In general, to find out who is recruiting when and where, we suggest you have a look at the facebook page Effective Altruism Job Postings or keep an eye on the 80,000Hours Job Board.

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Best regards,

The EA Sweden team