Exciting news - Newsletter September 2018

In this month’s newsletter, we have lots of exciting things to announce! The most exciting part: Gabriella is taking over the role as Executive Director and we’re hiring for a part-time Community Specialist. In addition, we’d love you all to join the Annual General Meeting on October 20th. Want to know more? Read on!


Things you can do right now

  • Apply to join the EA Sweden team as a part-time Community Specialist. More on this below and on our website. Apply no later than October 4th.

  • Apply to join the EA Sweden board of 2018-2019, apply here. Apply no later than 27/9.

  • Apply to join EA Global here. If you’re coming along, you can stay at a hostel with other Scandinavians cheaply by filling out this form. There aren’t many tickets for EAG left. If you can’t make it to London, don’t worry, we will host an event summarizing EAG on November 4th in Stockholm.

  • If you’re interested in helping out EAS and our projects, find the current opportunities here, our contact Gabriella (gabriella@effektivaltruism.org)!

  • Put the following events in your calendar:

  • “How to act according to your values” with behavioural expert Samuel Salzer. Tuesday 25/9 18.00 at Neurora.

  • Jacy Reese talk for Effective Animal Altruism in Stockholm, Wednesday 3/10. More info on the EAA Facebook-page.

  • AGM-weekend with dinners, workshops and a halloween party at Neurora! 19-20/10.

  • Post-EA Global event summarizing the learnings of the conference in London. Open to all members. Sunday 4/11 at Neurora.

  • “How to become more productive” with Madeleine Ahlström. Tuesday 6/11 18.00 at Neurora.


Gabriella Overödder - our new Executive Director

Meet Gabriella Overödder, our new Executive Director

Meet Gabriella Overödder, our new Executive Director

Gabriella Overödder will become EA Sweden’s new executive director! Gabriella has during the past year been a board member of EA Sweden, most recently as vice-chair, and been responsible for the organizations events and community. She has a background from Cambridge University and Sustainability Consulting at Goodpoint. The board is confident she’ll do a great job leading the organisation going forward.


Gabriella will be taking over while Markus moves on to work with for the Governance of AI Program at the Future of Humanity Institute, as their Project Manager. To learn more about the kind of things he’ll be working on, check out this podcast with Co-director of the program, Allan Dafoe, or just reach out!


Work with us: hiring a part-time Community Specialist

As Gabriella becomes Executive Director, we’ll need someone to take over the responsibility for EA Sweden’s wonderful community. In short, we need a Community Specialist!

We’re looking for someone to join us part-time, focusing on building a community of people highly dedicated to improving the world as much as possible. The role will be part-time (8h to 24h per week) for 3 months, with the possibility of extension or increase in hours per week based on the organisation’s need and the Specialist’s fit for the role.


Apply no later than October 4th here. More info on the role here.



Annual General Meeting October 20th: help shape EA Sweden’s future!

All of EA Sweden’s members are invited to this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on October 20th in Stockholm. At the meeting, we will, among other things, decide on next year’s board and activity plan.


We’d like to seize the opportunity for effective altruists from all over Sweden to meet and join the meeting. Therefore, we’ve put together a program that includes far more than just the AGM. We will have dinners, workshops and a halloween party surrounding the AGM! Stay tuned for the agenda of the meeting.

Please sign up to attend the AGM here. And attend the facebook-event for the pre-AGM dinner on Friday the 19th here.


For those of you coming from outside of the Stockholm-area, please contact us for help with sleeping-arrangements. Get in touch with gabriella@effektivaltruism.org.  

Documents for the meeting, including suggested board and plan for next year, will be sent out at the latest on October 13th. If you would like to submit a motion to the AGM, please do so before October 10th. As a point of reference, you can find our current statutes here.


If you’re interested in applying to join the board, you can do so here, ASAP (no later than 27/9). If you can’t apply by this date, you are free to put yourself forward at the AGM. If you wish to nominate someone else, get in touch with the Valberedning (the body that suggests a new board to the AGM), which can be reached via valberedning@effektivaltruism.org.


Wanna become a member? Fill out this form. Would you like to renew your membership? Fill out this form.


Want to get more involved?

  • Apply to join EA Global London in October. The nordic EA-groups have rented out a hostel for our members to stay at, you can apply here once you’ve receive a letter of acceptance to attend EAG.

  • Join our Annual General Meeting on the 20th October.

  • Join our work parties. Every other Saturday afternoon, we host EA work parties where we work together on effective altruism-related projects. This upcoming work party will be on Sunday the 23rd, however. If you want to join, shoot Markus or Gabriella a message. See the facebook-event here.

  • Wanna do something hands-on related to effective altruism? There’s tons of things you could help EA Sweden with (here’s a list)! Send an e-mail to gabriella@effektivaltruism.org to find out about current opportunities.


Some reading/listening tips

  • Will MacAskill, co-founder of both the Centre for Effective Altruism and 80,000Hours, just released his TED talk on effective altruism. It’s looking to be the new go-to introduction to effective altruism. Highly recommended! Watch it here.

  • There’s been discussions on the Effective Altruism Forum about the quality of the research of Animal Charity Evaluators, who work to identify the most high-impact charities in animal welfare . Read John Halstead’s initial post here and a response from Animal Charity Evaluators here.

  • Want to learn more about the latest thinking on the governance of artificial intelligence? Check out this podcast with Allan Dafoe, Co-Director of the Governance of AI Program.


Job tips

  • Work for us as a part-time Community Specialist. Apply before October 4th here.

  • Applications for the EA Grants just opened. You can apply for funding to carry out any kind of work that could be high-impact. Examples of what’s been funded recently include: research on the psychology of effective and ineffective altruism, productivity coaching for effective altruists and supporting Charity Entrepreneurship in starting high-impact charities. Read more here and apply before October 14th.

  • Remote positions at high-impact organisations:

    • Data Analyst at the Against Malaria Foundation (link)

    • Internships at Charity Entrepreneurship (link)

    • Animal Welfare Specialist at Animal Equality (link)


If any of those seem exciting, don’t hesitate shooting an e-mail to us. We’d be happy to help!

In general, to find out who is recruiting when and where, we suggest you have a look at the facebook page Effective Altruism Job Postings or keep an eye on the 80,000Hours Job Board. In the new version of the 80,000Hours job board, you can filter by location, cause area and role type.


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Best regards,

The EA Sweden team