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What is effective altruism?

Effective altruism is an international movement that tries to answer the question ‘how can you, with the resources you have, help others as much as possible?’ And how do you know that what you do actually makes a difference? We use evidence and critical thinking to find out what efforts that have the largest positive impact in the world. It could be to find out how efficient charities are and how you can make a positive input through your career. Effective altruism is also about being generous with your time and money, and to let the insight you get influence your actions.

About Effective Altruism Sweden

Effective Altruism Sweden is an NGO that was founded 2016. We work with spreading the knowledge about, and engagement for, effective altruism. We do this by taking part in debates, holding speeches, and arranging activities for our members and others interested in effective altruism.
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Secretary General: Markus Anderljung,

The board 2017-2018
President: Carin Ism
Vice president: Gabby Overödder
Officer: Catherine Derieux
Officer: Karolina Grundin