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EA Summer retreat

Welcome to the first EA Sweden Retreat! The retreat is all about getting to know each other, learning more about effective altruism and having a good time. 

Link to application below. Application deadline is June 10th.

***About the retreat***
It's a three day retreat in the archipelago, with room for up to 30 people. The purpose of the retreat is to build the Swedish EA community, share ideas and to help each other create plans for actions. 

Anyone can apply to join. We think people who are very interested in the ideas of effective altruism, excited about doing the most good and are motived to do so will get the most out of this retreat.

At the retreat, there will be both casual discussions, more serious workshops and opportunities to hang out. Focus will be on collaborative processes, both while doing chores, such as cooking and in specific workshops/discussions. 

500 SEK per person, including food and lodgings. You'l have to pay for your own travel.

We don't expect to make a profit from this. In fact, EA Sweden will pay for a significant part of the costs.

We'll be in the Norrtälje archipelago, about 2 hours from Stockholm city by public transport. The villa is surrounded by nature and about 50 metres from the water. 

- The villa comes with a cat. If you're allergic to cats, do let us know. We'll try to accommodate as much as possible.
- You will be sharing a bedroom with at least 1 other person. 
- We'll prepare the meals together and they will all be vegan. It's okay to bring vegetarian options as well. 

More information to come as the application closes. 

Application here:
Application deadline 10th June

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us:
Niki Shams,, 0704965584
Sueli Marques Spencer,
Markus Anderljung,, 0725844352

We look forward to seeing you in August!