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Effective altruism and impact voting: in-depth discussion

There’s an upcoming election in Sweden. Many people vote for whatever party they most agree with. In this in workshop, we’ll instead focus on how one can maximise the impact of one’s vote.

We’ll collectively try to find data and think of models to answer the following questions:
– What political issues are likely to be the most important (in terms of the number of individuals affected and the magnitude of the effect)?
– For each of these issues, what are the estimated impacts of the political parties’ policies?

The workshop will be conducted in Swedish or English depending on the participants, but keep in mind that most online material comparing the political parties is in Swedish.

We encourage you to bring a laptop, if possible!

Multi-issue analyses of which party is impartially best to vote for are uncommon. To get a sense of how one might go about, we suggest reading the blog post “How you should vote in the Australian federal election”:

Disclaimer: Effective Altruism Sweden is independent of all political parties and doesn’t necessarily agree with the recommendations in the blog post linked above.

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